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"THE BOSZ". Subic bay is well know as a great summer destination for the local tourist, Its calm waters, cool breezes and wide range of water activities are accented by the lush jungles of the area. The City of Olongapo provides the anchor of support for the area, There is a wide range of resorts and hotels to choose from in all budget ranges. Now international tourist are becoming more aware of the Subic Bay tourism area. The New expressway brings Subic Bay to within 35 minutes of the DMIA International Airport at Clark.

There is usually confusion with the name "Subic". It is used to refer to the ex-navy base, to the bay itself, to the town of Subic, the city of Olongapo, Barrio Barretto of Olongapo and the entire area. The name Subic belongs to the town of Subic located at the northern end of Subic Bay. The ex-navy base is property referred to as the "Subic Bay Freeport Zone", which may be abbreviated s SBFZ or sometimes without the zone as SBF. You may also see it improperly referred to as SBMA, which is the governing body. The Bay is Subic Bay and it also hs small inlets referred to as bays within it such as half moon bay.

Bataan province offers a number of beach front resorts and hotels. The province hs a simpler slow down feeling about it. Olongapo city is the largest city of the Province of Zambales and is adjacent to the Subic Bay Freeport, portions of the city border on the Bay. Barrio Barretto is a part of Olongapo City and is the located of the majority of the city's beach front and hotels. Subic Bay Freeport is the center of tourism development and host many hotels and tourist attractions. Zambales offers a range of activities and accommodations.

The Subic bay area is very fortunate to have three theme parks in the area. Who said education has to be boring. Zoobic safariAdd a little education about mammals and conservation to your vacation. Located on the Subic Bay Freeport are Ocean Adventure, Zoobic Safari, and Tree Top Adventure

There is a wide variety of night life available in the Subic Bay area. The Waterfront of the Subic Bay Freeport is known as a center for night life. It has a number of restaurants, a casino and nightclubs. Other venues are just a short walk away. Magsaysay Drive is the entertainment center of Olongapo. A number of restaurants, karaoke clubs, two comedy bars and a selection of clubs with live music nightly. Barrio Barretto, This area is known for the many clubs with young dancers often dress in bikinis or similar uniforms. Caters to the international male market. A few have live music on weekends.


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